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Mural design selected for Fitness Court at Milford Town Park

Carol Abrams, whose design was selected for the Fitness Court mural at Milford Town Park, is shown with one of her recent installations. Photo courtesy of Carol Abrams

By Linda Chuss

This summer, renovations will be completed at Milford Town Park, including a Fitness Court that features a 32-foot-long mural designed specifically for the town. In January, artists submitted designs for consideration, and in February, the Milford Cultural Council selected Carol Abram’s entry, “Fitness for All.”


Geri Eddins, the Cultural Council chair, said, “Carol’s design is colorful, vibrant, and energetic. It shows the story of wellness and fitness in Milford, and reflects not only the mural’s immediate location, but also the town’s history, community, and identity. There were 23 entries, including quite a few from Milford. We were overwhelmed with the broad range and diversity of the designs and talent.” 

This Fitness Court project is a partnership between the Milford Parks Commission, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and the National Fitness Campaign. The campaign provides access to healthy infrastructure to fight the rise of physical inactivity by making world-class fitness free. Jim Asam, Milford’s Parks and Recreation Administrator, applied for community grants through the program to install the Fitness Court. The Fitness Court allows an outdoor, full-body, circuit-training workout, as users rotate through seven zones in seven minutes. Through the campaign, 500 Fitness Courts have been installed around the country.

An optional feature is adding a custom mural to the Fitness Court wall, and Asam, believing a mural would enrich the project, invited the Cultural Council to spearhead that aspect. The council sponsors events and programs like the mural design, to foster a rich, cultural life for town residents. Since 2021, the council, in conjunction with the Parks and Highway Departments, has led an “Art in the Parks” initiative, installing creatively painted picnic tables and trash barrels at various locations around Milford, as well as hand-crafted game boards at Louisa Lake.

Regarding this Milford mural project, Abrams, a fine-art painter from Sharon, called it “an exciting challenge. It presented the perfect opportunity to apply my technical design skills along with my artist’s perspective.” Abrams has a BFA from Syracuse University, along with experience in graphic design and multiple art mediums. Most recently, she has been painting with pastels and oils, primarily creating scenes from nature. At her website,, she describes her style as “loose, impressionist.”

Prior to its installation in Milford, the mural design will be digitally printed on high-quality, anti-graffiti, laminated vinyl and applied to the Fitness Court wall. Once all components in the Town Park renovation are completed, a celebration will be held, where the mural can be seen.