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Milford burning season now through May 1, permit required

The disposal of brush, cane, driftwood, and forestry debris (excluding grass, hay, leaves, and stumps) is permitted each year from Jan. 15 through May 1. 

All such open burning shall be conducted: 

1. On land proximate to the

    place of generation 

2. At a location greater than

    75 feet from any dwelling 

3. Between 10 a.m. and

    4 p.m.

No such open burning shall apply to commercial or institutional land clearing for nonagricultural purposes. 

A permit must first be obtained from the Milford Fire Department at 1 Spruce Street or 21 Birch Street. There is no fee. 

A permit holder must call 508-473-1213 after 8 a.m. to activate the permit. Open burning is allowed if air quality and other factors are determined suitable. For example, permission will not be granted during windy conditions, regardless of air quality.