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Lab of All Trades tackles big and small projects for local homeowners

Steve Labriola’s lifelong love of repair work led him to launch a handyman business.


“Since I was a kid, anytime I picked something up I wanted to take it apart, fix it and put it back together,” says Steve Labriola, the owner of Lab of All Trades. “My relatives began to hand me their broken toasters, microwaves and blenders and ask, ‘Can you look at this while you're here?’” About two and a half years ago, Labriola finally decided to take this innate knack for repairs to a professional level by establishing a local han,dyman business.

Looking back, the career shift was practically inevitable. For 17 years, Labriola owned and operated a business that serviced large check processing machines for banks. He also has experience as a finish carpenter. In recent years he worked in property management. “I always found myself in the shop with the maintenance guys to see what they were working on. I was compelled to head down there and pick up tools,” Labriola says. “One day my supervisor said, ‘you know, you don’t have to spend so much time down in maintenance; you should be up in the office with your staff.’”

“I kept saying to my wife, ‘I don’t know if a desk job is really for me,” Labriola recalls, “and she kept saying, ‘You really should do what you love.’” And so he did.

Lab of All Trades offers a wide range of handyman services, from smaller jobs like installing a light fixture, TV or appliance, to larger jobs like a kitchen remodel, deck installation or building a shed. People might be reluctant to call for minor work, Labriola notes, but his motto is, “There’s no job too small.” He has a regular client, for example, who will hire Labriola to hang pictures. “If you’re uncomfortable doing it, just reach out,” he tells customers.

Lab of All Trades’ commitment to following up and following through distinguishes it from other companies. “I am surprised by the number of people who thank me for simply calling back,” he says.

For Labriola, it’s not just about customer service — he’s a bona fide people person. “I love people,” Labriola explains. “Meeting new customers in my town and surrounding towns is very exciting.”  Paired with the satisfaction he gets from repairing things, Labriola says “happy customers” make his work that much more enjoyable. “I love to see people happy.”

Having lived in Upton for 16 years Labriola is happy to grow his customer base in town. He does offer his services in the surrounding towns as well. 

Labriola has completed many jobs in town, including basement renovations, window and trim repair, door replacements & kitchen remodels.

To view past projects and learn more, visit, call 508-377-2137 or email [email protected].