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Good things happen when you work together

Photo of women: (left to right): Music Bingo gift baskets raised $3,400 to help students attend field trips. Meghan Balicki, EL teacher; Tricia Ridolfi, math teacher; Caridad Lopez, principal; Christine McIntyre, guidance counselor; Samantha Bonvino, social studies teacher; Madison Bovino, math teacher. Courtesy photo

Stacy Middle School's Musical Bingo Night raises $3,400 

Stacy Middle School – This past Saturday evening, Stacy Middle School transformed into a hub of musical nostalgia as it hosted a lively Musical Bingo Night at the Marchegiano Club from 7 to 10 p.m. 

The event had a dual purpose: to create a memorable evening for attendees and to raise funds for a noble cause. The funds generated would contribute towards sending deserving 8th Grade students on the annual trip to Washington, DC, and Heritage Week Field Trips. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as family members and friends of Stacy staff gathered to form teams and engage in friendly competition, recalling tunes from various decades and genres. Bingo winners were not only rewarded with prizes, but the generosity of Stacy staff and local businesses in donating gift baskets added an extra layer of community support to the event. In the end, the night was a resounding success, with a total of $3,400 raised to support these enriching, educational endeavors.

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