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Police Chief comments on recent crime: 'Milford’s reputation should not be in question

By Scott Calzolaio

After a busy first month of the year, Milford Police Chief Robert Tusino wants to assure residents that the attention brought to town by news outlets is a result of good police work, not increased crime.

Since the new year, Milford Police have been on the local newsreels more than once - most notably after an armed robbery at Aroma Brazil in early January, and the subsequent domestic standoff involving SWAT at a residence off Route 140.  

Other incidents that have made headlines include a stabbing near Main and South Bow, and an incident involving biting and facial wounds. Tusino said in an interview that both the stabbing and biting incidents dealt with parties who knew each other, and were never a threat to the public. However, he agrees it is alarming to know these crimes happen in a suburb like Milford.

“It is scary stuff,” he said. “But some of these incidents on the news are domestic issues, and others were more crimes of opportunity,” he said. “It’s not so much that there’s this huge criminal element settling in Milford."

In previous months, Milford was in the news for a backyard gambling ring and an illegal dental practice. Tusino said those incidents are making their way through the courts.

The illusion that there’s more crime in town, Tusino said, is two-fold. One factor is the type of crime and the attention it has received; the other factor, Tusino said, is more vigilant police work “believe it or not.”

In the case of the Aroma Brazil robbery, Tusino said that within two weeks of the incident, all suspects were arrested, and the stolen money was returned. An outcome, he said, is “unheard of.”

He said there are a great number of ongoing investigations in town, and that their work “is something that should be publicized more often,” he said. “Get the word out that if you do this stuff in and around Milford, it’s just a matter of time.” 

The type of crime that really concerns him, he said, are car break-ins and home invasions. 

“That’s when they’re really preying on the people of Milford,” he said. 

In any incident, no matter how silly it may seem, Tusino says, “If you have any concerns, doubts, questions about anything, please call, call, call. Mitigate the problem before it becomes a real issue.”

Tusino said Milford residents can expect to see more police activity, and more busts as they “sweep up what’s been the residual for a while.”

When it comes to making headlines though Tusino doesn’t mind. He emphasized that Milford’s reputation as a safe place to live should not be in question. Rather, he said, residents should see the attention as a positive spotlight on the department’s successes.

Milford police officers perform lifesaving CPR 

On Dec. 31, 2023, at approximately 12:03 a.m., the Milford Public Safety Communications Center received a 911 call for a 26 year-old male in medical distress at The Fairfield Inn. Upon arrival, Officers Michael Johnson and Brendan Campbell forced entry into a bathroom where they encountered the unresponsive patient and immediately began lifesaving CPR measures. Following a transfer of care to Community EMS and the Milford Fire Dept., the patient was transported to UMass Memorial Medical Center.

The Milford Police Dept. would like to publicly acknowledge the lifesaving efforts of Officers Johnson and Campbell whose response and readiness to act resulted in the patient’s resuscitation and recovery of all cognitive functions.