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Milford Youth U14 Cheer Team wins 2nd Place at Nationals

The Milford Youth Football & Cheer (MYFC) U14 Cheer Team represented Milford at the AYFC National Cheer Competition held in Kissimmee, FL, on Dec. 6-10. 
The hard-working team earned a second-place finish amongst the best of the best in the AYFC tournament. The team had to place either first, second or third place at three qualifying competitions throughout the fall to be able to compete at the AYFC National Cheer Competition.
The MYFC U14 Cheer Team is comprised of 20 athletes aged ages 12-13 years old. They are led by a team of four dedicated coaches and three cheer demonstrators.
“This group of young athletes exudes perseverance. They put in the work as a team. They looked after one another as a team. It was truly a gift to witness such hard work and dedication.” said Coach Tatiana Braz
The team had to fundraise to offset the cost of traveling to Florida to compete and had a very short window of time to raise the funds needed.
“The good old fashioned hometown support was most definitely present during our fundraising efforts. We as a team couldn’t have been more excited to represent Milford and were truly grateful for all the support!” said Coach Deanna Acquafresca.

MYFC U14 Cheer Team
Aleah Acquafresca
Rose Asong
Annie Auger
Savannah Beals
Gwen Boisvert
Maddie Bournazian
Bella Coelho
Meagan Curley
Juliana Damata
Kayla Dias
Natalia Jordan
Allie Maietta
Abby Naugler
Nathiely Oliveira
Vanessa Perez
Gianna Petruska
Sydney Redden
Camille Stacy
Addison Tetreault
Nalah Wokoun

MYFC U14 Cheer Coaches
Deanna Acquafresca
Jennifer Bournazian
Molly Auger
Tatiana Braz

MYFC Cheer
Maddie Hamilton
Patty Fernandes
Julia Fontes

Milford Youth Football & Cheer is a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth athletic organization run 100% by volunteers. Our goal is to encourage and increase youth participation in football and cheerleading, with a focus on building character, self-confidence, and good sportsmanship in our athletes.