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It’s the most wonderful time of the year to use Affordable Junk Removal

By Linda Chuss
With so much to do around the holidays, give yourself the gift of space by using Affordable Junk Removal to help prepare your home for the season. “Life is hectic, we are all so busy in our daily lives that we don’t notice how quickly we are being overrun with junk” said Jason Schadler, who founded the business in this area 20 years ago. “It’s nice to park your car in the garage during the cold months, but maybe you need to make room there first, and we can help with that.”
With Affordable Junk Removal, you can rent a dumpster or have their Junk Removal Professionals come to haul away items that have been gathering dust and taking up precious space. Setting an end-of-year or New Year’s resolution to clean up a neglected basement or attic is a great start. You can even put a dumpster rental on your gift list. Sometimes the biggest challenge is not knowing where to begin, and that is where Affordable comes in.
“You can load your own dumpster or have our truck guys do all of the work for you,” Schadler explained. “And rest assured, we don’t just take everything to the landfill. We try and recycle as much as possible. Clothing and household items are donated to local organizations that help our friends and neighbors. We also take some items to Resellables secondhand store in Bellingham. That keeps them out of landfills, gives them a new life, and helps us keep our prices down. We’re always looking for ways to be more cost effective because customers appreciate our reasonable prices.” 
Changes in legislation have made it increasingly more difficult to dispose of certain items, like mattresses, for example. It is now state law that most textiles and mattresses must be recycled. “Finding places to take mattresses is a challenge and the fees for disposal have gone through the roof,” said Schadler. Items like these carry a separate recycling fee that the commercial transfer stations charge because of how labor intensive that recycling is. “People are usually shocked at the cost, and we find ourselves educating the customer as to why these fees exist. Here at Affordable, we view ourselves as an avenue our clients can turn to when they have these items and want them disposed of legally, safely and properly.” 
Affordable has many epeat customers. “When people call, they reach me, not some automated corporate call center,” he said. “They know me and the crew and trust us. We do a good job, are fast, efficient, and reliable. We come when we say we will and if anything unexpected comes up, we communicate. We live here too, we are your friends and neighbors, we sponsor your little league teams and run into you at the grocery store. We are your local guys.” A quick look at the many years of positive online reviews attests to this. 
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