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Looking for something outside the traditional school experience for your child’s education?

Hands on investigative lab science is standard curriculum for middle school students.


Touchstone Community School, on the Upton/Grafton town line, has openings for this September! The school is open to Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade students. It is an independent school accredited by the Association of Independent Schools In New England. Touchstone is committed to nature-based education, anti-bias curriculum, stewardship, and joyful and meaningful work. 

Elementary students engage in stewardship as they care for the on-campus animals.


From mud kitchens to Socratic Seminars to woodwork to watershed mapping, the 2.9- to 14-year-old students are exchanging ideas, listening to other perspectives, thinking critically, advocating for themselves, justifying their choices, and taking risks as they take part in project-based learning in mixed-age classrooms. The students demonstrate a true sense of purpose, a deep involvement, and great pride in their endeavors as they engage in authentic work. Faculty are committed to maintaining an integrated program where learning is hands-on and new information is accessed through in-depth investigations. Touchstone believes in following student interests and providing each individual with voice, choice, and a strong sense of feeling known. 
The program provides students with robust literacy and mathematical skills so that they become strong readers and writers. The students’ needs are met with challenging curriculum and support from literacy and math specialists. Additionally, all faculty are trained in the Orton Gilligham approach, which is a structured, multisensory, sequential, and prescriptive way to teach literacy.
Through many hours of outdoor exploration, including caring for the school’s chickens and goats, hikes in the White Mountains, and kayaking at our 5-acre Island at Lake Wildwood, students build interdependent relationships with the natural world and understand their positions of environmental stewardship. The Ecoliteracy curriculum allows students to build the communication skills to advocate and innovate for sustainability.
Touchstone students build caring relationships as they engage in authentic discussions. Social studies and social emotional curriculum supports them as they learn to identify bias and value diversity in all of its forms. The students become both independent and collaborative learners as they recognize their own abilities, the capabilities of others, and how they support each other’s growth. 
Touchstone’s progressive education is made possible with a community and a social fabric where children feel known and safe to make mistakes. The faculty is continually looking for ways to thoughtfully pursue new ideas, new possibilities and new approaches to engage, empower and inspire our students and partner with families. Adaptation and innovation are what a progressive education is all about. Embracing diversity and inclusiveness makes us a stronger and wiser community.
To learn more about this community of joyful learners or to schedule a tour contact Juliana Fuchs, Admissions Coordinator, at [email protected] or 508-839-0038.  The school is located at 54 Leland Street in Grafton and is online at