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Concierge Physical Therapy opens third local clinic

By Christie Vogt
Contributing Writer
Upton and Mendon residents have a new local option for resolving pain and mobility issues with the opening of Concierge Physical Therapy in Hopkinton. The physical therapy clinic debuted its third location on May 1, adding to its two clinics in Sutton and Shrewsbury.
Russ Berger, the owner of Red Rock Grill & Bar in Upton, is one of the clinic’s satisfied patients. Berger, who is recovering from a hip replacement surgery, shared: “Years ago, I was a patient at an office in Boston, and I can tell you there is a difference. At Concierge, they really make sure that you get hands-on therapy. They give you personal treatment and make you feel you have their full attention. My recovery is going very well, and I am sure Concierge PT and the therapy Dr. Terino and staff are giving me has a great deal to do with that.”
Unlike some states, Massachusetts has direct access to physical therapy; this means that potential patients do not have to see a doctor before receiving physical therapy services. “Most people think there are a lot of hoops to jump through, but you just have to pick up the phone and call us,” says Dr. Sean Lordan, the owner of Concierge Physical Therapy. “Physical therapists are the primary care providers for musculoskeletal medicine,” he says. “For the most common issues, like lower back pain, your regular doctor is likely going to refer you to us anyway, so you’re better off going straight to physical therapy.”
“We want our services to be accessible,” Lordan adds, “so we also accept most health insurance plans. My goal and mission is to help as many people as possible.”
The physical therapists at Concierge use manual therapy, targeted exercises, stretching, dry needling, shockwave therapy and other proven techniques to bring relief to patients of all ages. The clinic’s emphasis on manual therapy is one of the things that makes it unique, Lordan says. “We really believe in it. We’re not the clinic that you go into and nobody touches you, and they just talk to you and give you a home exercise program and say, ‘See you later,’” he explains. “We’re the clinic where you get hands-on care that changes your tissue so you get better.”
Shockwave therapy is another service that makes the clinic stand out. “Shockwave is unique in that it is really helpful for chronic pain, tendinopathy, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain and elbow pain,” Lordan says. “It’s a newer technique in the physical therapy world, even though the technology itself has been around for 20 years.” Shockwave therapy can also be helpful prior to receiving a cortisone shot as it helps stimulate the healing process, he says.
In addition to its specialized techniques, Lordan says Concierge focuses on building relationships. “The connection and trust piece is so important,” he says, “because we want to be able to guide people throughout their whole lives as different aches and pains arise.” 
When Lordan interviews prospective therapists for his clinics, he always asks how many return patients they have. “It’s important because that means they’re delivering value,” he says. “They’re making lives better.”
Knowing that his team is helping people is what gets Lordan out of bed each day. “I’ve worked with professional athletes and Olympic athletes, but what really makes me tick is when I fix people,” he says. “When I see somebody six months later, and they’re like, ‘Hey, you fixed my low back pain, and because of you, my life is better’ — that’s a pretty cool feeling.”
To learn more, visit or call 978-517-4500.