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Bronze Award Project provided flower pots at Best Buddies dance

Left to right: Ellie Wallace, Emma Santomenna, and Cassidy Knapp. Courtesy photo

The Bronze Award is the highest award that Girl Scout Juniors (fourth to fifth graders) can earn. This project requires 20 or more hours of work and makes a lasting impact on the community. Girl Scouts Cassidy Knapp, Ellie Wallace, and Emma Santomenna had an idea to have an event at the Milford High School’s Best Buddies dance. 

Now what event to do? They decided to give out small flower pots that the participants would be able to decorate with stickers and grow their own plant in. 

Now, to make it reality. These children then scheduled a meeting with Superintendent Dr. Kevin McIntyre to propose their idea. He said yes. The victorious children went to Dollar Tree and Lowes to buy supplies with the generous donation of Petro Home Services. 

After that they made posters, flyers, and coloring pages to promote the Best Buddies dance held on May 12. In addition to taking home their own flower pot, the participants painted theirhandprint on large containers filled with herbs, now installed in the PreVoc classroom for kids to use in the café. 

The takeaway of this event is that everyone likes to be included. Finally, the girls give thanks to Dr. Alexis Forgit, a special education teacher at the high school, for supporting this trio on their journey.

This article was submitted/written by Cassidy Knapp, a fourth grade student at Woodland Elementary School and reviewed by Ellie Wallace and Emma Santomenna along with their Troop leader