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The Scottish Highland Games are coming to Milford!

Join us Saturday, June 10 at Fino Field for this fun, family-friendly, free-to-public event that is an absolute showstopper packed with entertainment. If you don’t know of the Scottish Highland Games, it is essentially ‘track & field meets strongman’ in kilts with centuries of deeply rooted history and culture. 

This is the 3rd annual No Fame Games held in Milford, hosting 75+ athletes from all over New England, the US, and Canada to compete in two separate competitions: a Highland Games Heavy Athletics with all nine traditional events, and a Highlander competition which is more strongman style in its events. We will have several divisions ranging from novice, amateur, masters, and professional. The highlight, we will be hosting 20 professional athletes in both the Professional Men’s and Women’s Classes in the Heavy Athletics, including Olympians and Professional Strongmen and women. They will not only compete against each other but also vie for several world records that day. To be noted, last year one of our female athletes, Meagan McKee, set a world record in the Scottish Heavy Hammer on Fino Field.

For the Highlander competition, there will be several nationally renowned barbell and powerlifting gyms local to Boston, Worcester, and Providence competing against each other to test their grit. What’s more, teams from the local Milford Fire and Police Departments will compete in friendly competition against each other using the Highlander format. Oh and did I mention all athletes, both men and women, will be in kilts!

There will be bag-pipes for the opening ceremony, Clan tents that will share the history and Scottish lineage information, kid and adult ‘try it’ stations for the opportunity to meet the athletes and try some of the skills, local food vendors offering refreshments and food throughout the day, and of course special heavy-weight events like the famous caber toss (tree flipping) and stone lifting.

Athletically, it is said that the Scottish Highland Games is one of the forerunners to modern track and field. Yet, the beauty of the Games is in the deep history that dates as far back as the 11th century. The Games were originally held as a way for clans to showcase their warriors’ strength and athletic prowess. Moreover it was a way to celebrate togetherness and foster community connections. So we are calling on you, our dear neighbors, to come out and join us for this very special event. It will be nothing short of an amazing day full of entertainment, festivities, and celebration within our community.

The Scottish

Highland Games 

Fino Field 80 Granite Street, Milford 

Saturday, June 10

Opening Ceremony with

Pipes & Honor Guard will be at 9:30 a.m. 

Athletics will begin around 10 a.m.

and go until around 4 p.m.

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Instagram (@nofamegame) &