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Police Department’s New Family Services Unit will Respond to Calls with Tri-lingual Support

Members of the new Family Services Unit of the Milford Police Department. Courtesy photo

Members of the new Family Services Unit of the Milford Police Department. Courtesy photo

Program provides services in English, Portuguese, Spanish

The Milford Police Department has created a “Family Services Unit” which is located at the Community Impact Office at 12 Congress Street. They are a community partnership for positive change.  
The Family Services Unit aims to provide a tri-lingual (Portuguese and Spanish) proactive community services to those in need before their situation becomes catastrophic. A multidisciplinary team of police, mental health clinicians, peer specialists, and recovery coaches supports individuals at risk of arrest, overdose, medical complications, and other behavioral health needs. By bringing together the skills and services of both the Milford Police Department and Community Impact, the team can help create positive change in the community of Milford.
The co-response services provided through the Family Services Unit include: 
•  Intervention: The Family Services Unit will be providing a tri-lingual (Portuguese and Spanish) co-response to calls for service and will be on-scene to provide an immediate assessment of the individual's safety and mental health service needs.
•  Follow-up: The Clinician and Family Services Unit, which provides a tri-lingual (Portuguese and Spanish) support and stability to people whose situation would typically result in another emergency, further reduces cases of crises.
•  Training: Through a combination of different training modalities, police officers learn to recognize how the signs and symptoms of mental illness may be displayed in the community and how to apply specialized de- escalation techniques.
•  Community Partnerships: Close coordination and collaboration with community stakeholders forms a continuum of community-based care, providing the essential services that allow for successful diversion.
The Family Services Unit is located at the Community Impact Office 12 Congress Street in Milford. The staff includes:
•  Milford Police Department Detective Sergeant Paul Pinto, bi-lingual English and Portuguese 
•  Milford Police Department Detective Stephen Foss
•  Clinical Director Amy Leone, MS, MA, LMHC
•  Clinical Program Coordinator Amanda DaSilva Rizoli, MSW, LCSW, tri-lingual English, Portuguese, and Spanish
•  Clinician Ashley Hemstreet, MS
If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse, please reach out for assistance. The Family Services Unit can be reached by phone or email. 508-488-9456 or [email protected]