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Prevent solicitors at your door by signing up for Upton’s no-knock registry

By Linda Chuss
For anyone who has been disturbed by an unexpected solicitor ringing their doorbell, the no solicitation registry bylaw that was approved last November can help prevent that. Just fill out a simple form to add your address to the list of residences that commercial solicitors cannot visit. Groups that are exempt from the bylaw and can still canvass at residences are fraternal, religious, charitable, civic, political, and Upton youth organizations.
Board of Selectman member Laura Hebb introduced the registry idea in the summer of 2023 after hearing complaints from some residents. Those grievances reminded Hebb of an experience she had when a cable solicitor repeatedly came to her home when she was caring for her terminally ill child. “He just kept coming back and pushed to talk to me, even though I always turned him away,” said Hebb. “I was annoyed at his persistence and empathize with anyone facing a similar situation. Some people worry about safety when a stranger approaches, others don’t want germs brought into their home, and there are also concerns there may be a porch pirate stealing packages.”
Upton has long been offered some protection: anyone engaged in commercial solicitation of residents must first apply to the Chief of Police for a sales permit. After being vetted for legitimacy and paying a nominal fee, the solicitor is issued a temporary license they must display while soliciting.
Hebb researched what other communities did and found many had versions of a no-knock ordinance. (Mendon does not have a no solicitation registry). She brought her proposal to the Board of Selectman, who agreed it should be considered at the November 2023 town meeting. “Voters passed the article with an overwhelming majority,” said Hebb. “There were no stated objections. The bylaw change was submitted to the Commonwealth, and the registry went live March 14, 2024. By the end of that first weekend, almost 400 households opted in.”
The new registry for homeowners provides added reassurance to the solicitor permitting process. Now, when the solicitor receives their license, they are also provided with the list of addresses on the do-not-solicit list and must avoid them.
To complete the no solicitation registry application online, go to, or complete it in person at the clerk’s office at Town Hall, 1 Main St., Upton. For anyone who registers but still has solicitors visiting them, contact the police; it could jeopardize their permit to solicit in in Upton.