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Pet of the Month – Meet Roland

Roland has come such a long way from the frightened street cat who arrived at the shelter one year ago. He was in such bad shape that we thought he was much older than the three years the vet exam suggested. A rough life on his own had aged him. But to look at him now you wouldn’t imagine how much pain and fear he was in living on the streets.
Like many stray male cats, Roland is FIV positive. Roland lives peacefully with a small group of other FIV positive cats and might enjoy a calm FIV positive feline friend in his new home. Cats with FIV tend to have normal lives, both in quality and duration. They just need to be monitored for infections and dental issues.
While Roland is still shy and cautious, he has come to enjoy gentle attention from people who come down to his level and approach him quietly. When he is comfortable, he will roll over to be pet and will even reach out his paw to touch you, clearly asking you to stay. We believe Roland will be happy in a calm home with a family that understands that he will need to be given time to adjust to his new life. The reward will be the love and affection of this wonderful boy! To learn more about Roland please visit