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Milford School Highlights

Save the Date:

3/29: Good Friday-No School-School Offices Closed

4/15: Patriot’s Day- No School- School Offices Closed

4/15-19: April Vacation

4/22: School Resumes

5/24: Early Release K-12-PreK Closed-School Offices Open

5/27: Memorial Day-No School-School Offices Closed


DMH Behavioral Health Hotline The Department of Mental Health has launched a new Behavioral Health Help line that people can call or text at 833-773-2445. The helpline can help individuals and families navigate the behavioral health system and access treatment, including mobile crisis services. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in more than 200 languages. For more information, please see the FAQ. Anyone with questions or concerns about the helpline can email the helpline director at [email protected].


El Departamento de Salud Mental ha lanzado una nueva línea, Behavioral Health Helpline (Línea de Ayuda de Salud Mental) a la que se puede llamar o enviar un mensaje de texto al 833-773-2445. Está disponible 24 horas al día, siete días a la semana en más de 200 idiomas. La línea de ayuda puede ayudar a personas y familias a navegar por el sistema de salud del comportamiento y acceder a tratamiento, incluyendo servicios móviles de crisis. Para más información, consulte FAQ (preguntas frecuentes). Cualquier persona que tenga preguntas o dudas sobre la línea de ayuda puede enviar un correo electrónico al director de la línea de ayuda a [email protected].


O Departamento de Saúde Mental lançou uma nova Behavioral Health Helpline (Linha de Ajuda de Saúde Comportamental) em que as pessoas podem ligar ou enviar mensagens de texto para 833-773-2445. Ela está disponível 24 horas por dia, sete dias por semana, em mais de 200 idiomas. A linha de ajuda pode ajudar indivíduos e famílias a navegar o sistema de saúde comportamental e acessar tratamentos, incluindo o serviço de crise com atendimento pelo celular. Para mais informações, consulte o FAQ (perguntas frequentes). Qualquer pessoa com dúvidas ou perguntas sobre a linha de ajuda pode enviar um e-mail ao diretor da linha de ajuda em [email protected]

Milford High School

Milford High School was thrilled to welcome Aaron Golub as a guest speaker on March 11, made possible by the generous sponsorship of Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association. Aaron Golub, a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant, made history as the first legally blind Division One athlete to play in a football game at Tulane University. The Milford High School school community enjoyed their inspiring and insightful session with Aaron. 

Congratulations to the MHS Percussion Ensemble for receiving a "Superior" rating at the annual RI Percussion Festival at the University of RI on Saturday, March 2. Members of the MHS Percussion Ensemble include, Stephanie Azor, Jeffery D'Orazio, Michela DiGiallonardo, Marcelo Gomes da Silva, Nicholas Lalangui Ponce, Abhirup Mahanta, Daniel O'Leary, Kayla Pierre, Brenda Soares, Keerthana Vootla, Sarah Wengal, Maeve Williams, and Maggy Zou.

On February 26, 2024, high school students from Florence, Italy, arrived in Milford as part of the schools annual bilateral exchange program. Concurrently, 13 Italian language students from Milford High School returned after a rewarding two-week study venture at its partner school in Florence. To celebrate and initiate this cultural exchange, a warm welcome ceremony was held on February 27, 2024, at 8 a.m. in the Milford High School library, fostering the spirit of global learning and friendship among the students.

Students from the Building and Trades classes, and instructor Timothy Dowd, have been actively engaged in the creation and delivery of charming Little Libraries for their peers in the elementary schools within the Milford Public Schools district. Crafted and painted with dedication, these students presented their completed projects on February 29 and March 1. The following high school students played pivotal roles in bringing this initiative to life: Victor Da Silva, Madison Davis, Tanner Longacre, Aaron Longdaue, Nicole MacRae, Joseph Newman, Kiaxell Ramirez Aleman, Tyler Sanon, Pedro Teixeira, Jake Vaz, Mason Albano, Luis Castro-Gualpa, Christian Denaro, Xander Dias, Ryan Franklin, John Gemma Jr., Damien Gosselin, Jonathan Hilditch, Sylas Kennedy, and Matthew Pointer. Their collective efforts have made a positive impact on the community, fostering a love for reading among elementary school students.

Hats off to Academic Decathlon for an outstanding achievement, securing the 3rd place trophy at the State Competition hosted at MIT on March 2. Special kudos to Sasha Matovu, who showcased exceptional skills with a 4th place in Social Sciences, 5th in Interview, and another 5th in Science. Additionally, Violet Tran claimed the 5th spot in Social Science, while Yu Xin Zheng earned 4th place in both Social Science and Art. Nick Kenton clinched the 5th position in Social Science, and Tony Huynh, achieved 5th place in Literature. Congratulations to the entire team for their hard work and stellar performance.

Stacy Middle School

Stacy Middle School's French Club embarked on an engaging Scavenger Hunt at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on Wednesday, February 28, accompanied by their dedicated advisors, Holly Davoren and Brian Shuman. Students and staff enjoyed the process of finding, and learning about each item on the Scavenger Hunt list.

Woodland Elementary School (WES)

Massachusetts Senator Becca Rauch visited Woodland School on Friday, March 8, from 9 to 9:45 a.m. to meet with Grade five students. The session was held in the cafeteria. Senator Rauch presented a guided slideshow that lasted 25 minutes, during which she shared her background and covered topics such as insights into the government and basic federalism, and the various functions of her office, including constituent services, policy, budget, and more. Following the presentation, Senator Rauch held a Q&A with students, fostering an interactive and informative session. The event is closely aligned with the ongoing Government studies in our Humanities classes. The WES Humanities team coordinated the Q&A session with their respective teams and classes.

Principal Kearnan announced the sixth Council of the year as nominated by their teachers for Perseverance. These students never give up and never give in.  When the going gets tough, they get going. Math problem is hard? I’ll figure it out! Not sure what that word means? I’ll use my resources to find out! Made a mistake? No problem, I’ll keep trying. We thank these classmates for setting a great example with their perseverance.

Perseverance Grade 3: Ana Beatriz Teixeira, Cecilia Macedo, Gabriel Garces, Luiz Cordeiro, Jennifer Rodrigues, David Uyaguari Macas, John Hendron, Rebeca Fogaca, Jennifer Ortega Quinchi, Iris Melendez, Norah Winroth, Karas Dif, Pedro Baesso, Perola Amaral, Dyosely Crispim, Riley Perez, Ella Burrows, Elijah Jorge

Perseverance Grade 4: Jonathan Oliveira, Analba Spencer Rodriguez, Lara Santana, Davi Maia, Ryan LaRochelle, Pietro De Souza, Raphaela Silva, Dilan Pomavilla Chimborazo, Paloma Da Cruz, Josselyn Lema Guallpa, Nia Patel, Chloe Curran, Rachel Snitko, Maven Tassone, Stella Alvarintho

Perseverance Grade 5: Carolyne Cordeiro, Ethan Boudreau, Tyler Ferreira, Gabriela Lema Pirca, Jillian Karlin, Lekha Kanijam, Ashley Chuqui Loja, Eduar Valenzuela Godoy, Artur Alves Teles, Alice Pacheco, Ximena Gutierrez Escamilla, Stalin Lema Nugra, Miguel Marques Borges, Caitlin Boudreau, Hernani Machado, Vincent Martin


Memorial Elementary School (MES)

As part of MES commitment to education and cultural enrichment, Memorial School observed "Music in Our Schools" month and organized a family music night on March 27. This event showcased the exciting developments in the music classes and engaged families in the celebration of music education.

Memorial School hosted a family reading night on February 29, titled "Leap into Reading." The evening saw active participation from MES families, with staff and community members reading books to the attendees. Adding to the charm of the event, Piper, the Milford Police Department Comfort K9, and Detective Sgt. Paul Pinto, made a special appearance. The night concluded on a sweet note with milk and cookies provided for everyone, creating a warm and enjoyable atmosphere for all who attended.

PTO Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. unless otherwise posted.

Brookside Elementary School (BES)

Brookside School participated in its annual Boosterthon Fun Run on March 27. During this exciting event, students will either run or walk around a designated track, all while actively raising funds for upcoming field trips, contributing to the school's vibrant educational experiences.

In an effort to enhance math skills and foster friendly competition, students participated in the ST Math March Mathness challenge. The goal was for each class to collectively increase their math puzzle completion by an impressive 10%, promoting a collaborative and engaging approach to mathematical learning.

Celebrating literary enthusiasm, students and staff at Brookside School embraced Read Across America Week. Throughout the designated week, a diverse range of daily themes added an extra layer of excitement to the learning environment, fostering a love for reading and promoting literacy across the school community.

On March 14, the school's music teachers showcased student learning experiences happening in music class during the Music in our Schools event. This special occasion provided families with an opportunity to witness the talents and skills developed by their children in music education, highlighting the importance of music in the overall school curriculum.

PTO meeting is the first Tuesday of each month starting at 7 p.m. 


Shining Star Early Childhood Center (SSECC)

The SSECC Reptile Show, held on the March 3, 4, and 5, proved to be an enriching experience for students and staff. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of reptiles, gaining insights into their habitats, environmental significance, and life cycles.

PTO Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted.

Milford Family & Community Network CFCE


The Family Fun & Disabilities Awareness Fair  held its 26th Annual Family Fun & Disabilities Awareness Fair on Saturday, March 2, 2024, from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. in the Milford High School Cafeteria. 

Information on the MFCN CFCE Playgroups: All playgroups are FREE and intended for children from birth to 5 years old with their parent/caregiver(s), unless otherwise specified. For more information on MFCN CFCE programs, visit, email [email protected] or call 508-277-4981.  You can also find and follow MFCN CFCE on Facebook at "Milford Family & Community Network CFCE".