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Milford official town election results

According to the Milford Town Clerk’s Office, of the town’s 18,250 registered voters, 2,868 ballots (16%) were cast in the April 2 town election.

Results include: 

Select Board (3-year term):

Paul A. Mazzuchelli

Board of Health (3 yrs):

Loriann M. Braza

Board of Assessors (3 yrs):

Joshua M. Lioce

Board of Library Trustees

(3 yrs): Marco T. Bon Tempo,

Johnna L. O’Loughlin

Park Commissioner (3 yrs):

Joseph P. Arcudi

Planning Board (5 yrs):

Joseph A. Calagione 

Planning Board (2 yrs):

Martha White (write-in)

Sewer Commissioner:

Rudolph V. Lioce III

School Committee:

Meghan R. Hornberger,

Matthew Zacchilli,

Gregory M. Allegrezza

Trustee of Vernon Grove

Cemetery (3 yrs):

Michael J. Lenza,

Charles W. Skaff

Trustee of Vernon Grove

Cemetery (1 yr):

Paul A. Boisclair

Water Commissioner:

Jamie C. Luchini

Housing Authority:

Patrick G. Holland

Town Meeting Members Elected were: 

Precinct 1 (3 years):

Marco T. Bon Tempo, Alicia

L. Calzolaio, Michelle Zale,

Nicholas D. Valorie III,

Christopher M. Calzolaio,

George V. Holland Jr., Robert P.


Precinct 2 (3 yrs):

William P. Smith, Michael D.

Barney, Molly M. Rudell, True

T. Davis, Kim T. Smith,

Rosemary Trettel, Michael

Lalime, John Ciccarelli

Precinct 3 (3 yrs):

Earl C. Wagner Jr., Jason B.


Precinct 3 (2 yrs):

Brian J. Hemeon

Precinct 4 (3 yrs):

Mary E.C. Hull-Allen, Robert


Precinct 4 (2 yrs):

Kadie Montgomery

Precinct 5 (3 yrs):

John W. Casey, Pamela E.

Hunter, Henry C. Papuga,

Laura J. Crisafulli, Christopher

J. Morin, Katie R. Logan,

Mitchell Ruscitti, Frank T.

Ferrante Jr. 

Precinct 5 (1 yr):

Johnna O’Loughlin

Precinct 6 (3 yrs):

Angelo A. Calagione, Alan R.

Bacchiocchi, Matthew Zacchilli,

Terrence J.  Thomas 

Precinct 7 (3 yrs): Jenny N.

Lyons, Robert F. Lyons Sr.,

Philip J. Ciaramicoli Jr.,

Raymond Jansons, David L.

Probert, Carolyn A. Hildebrand

Precinct 8 (3 yrs):

Donald S. Francy, Donato F.

Niro, Andrew G. Lizotte,

Christopher M. Fritts,

Abolghasem S. Moazeni,

Kimberly Honey, John R.

Bayrouty, Gregory M.


Full results can be found at