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Milford High School Theater Workshop performs 'Seussical: The Musical'

Photo of the cast of Milford High School’s 2024 performance of “Seussical: The Musical.” Photo by Emily O’Toole

By Molly Stoker Student writer

Milford High School put on “Seussical The Musical” this year! The original made its debut Broadway performance back in 2000. The show was performed three times at the high school between March 15 - March 17. 

(L to R) Jessica Webster, Mia Greeley, Kay Strafello. Photo by Emily O’Toole


The Seussical starts with the Cat in the Hat who was played by Aidan Bushell, a homeschooled sophomore. He narrates the show and guides the characters through all the twists and turns through the Jungle of Nool. The musical follows the adventures of popular Dr. Seuss characters in a silly yet meaningful way that everyone matters even if you feel like a speck of dust on a big clover. 

Luke Stachowski, sophomore, was the perfect fit for Horton the Elephant and rocked the stage with his singing. Horton’s next door neighbor Gertrude McFuzz was a bird with sadly only one feather. Mia Greely, junior, embodied this character and wowed the audience with her vocals and theatrical emotions. 

(L to R) Jackson Pfieffer who played JoJo, Aidan Bushell who played the Cat in the Hat. Photo by Emily O’Toole


Senior Jackson Pfifer did an astonishing job playing Jojo. Jojo’s parents send him to military school, and they happen to be the mayor and his wife of Whoville. Will Brown, who is a sophomore, played the quirky mayor and junior Gianna Pasacane was his wife which was a delight to see. 

The production team, consisting of Director Kristina Lando, Jenna Smith, Avery Travis, Maddie Frye, Danica Crim, and Nora Pavento clearly worked incredibly hard to produce such a fun musical. 

 Photo by Emily O’Toole


The people behind the amazing scenery worked on the bright and colorful jungle as well as the home of the Whos. Music Director and Stacy Middle School music teacher Mr. Hawkins, plus the ensemble of students, and current and past music teachers, brought the whole musical to life.