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Milford School Highlights


During the 2023-2024 school year, the Milford Public School District is developing the next Milford Public School District Strategic Plan, as well as the 2024 Student Opportunity Act Three-year Plan. The district believes that every Milford community member has unique assets and viewpoints necessary to drive the strategic planning process. The strategic planning process will draw from a number of sources including the current strategic plan, the equity audit in partnership with Center for Leadership and Educational Equity (CLEE), the reimagining high school project in partnership with the Barr Foundation, school improvement plans, the portrait of a graduate, long range facilities plan, and departmental plans. If you are interested in participating in the process, please reach out to Melissa Bullock at [email protected]. If you have any questions about the strategic planning process, please email Dr. Consigli, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, at [email protected], or Dr. McIntyre, Superintendent of Schools, at [email protected].

On February 13, 2024, Lisa Kingkade, the Social Emotional Director for the district, collaborated with district Social Workers, Anita Amante and Talita Rodovalho, to partner and present alongside the Mass Partnership for Youth and Boston Children’s Hospital to facilitate a hybrid conference focused on supporting recently arrived immigrant students and their families. The team of dedicated Milford educators shared valuable insights, best practices, and effective structures for warmly welcoming and addressing the needs of immigrant and refugee students and their families.

Save the Date:

3/1: Annie Jr: Stacy Middle School Performing Arts Department, 7 p.m.

3/2: Annie Jr: Stacy Middle School Performing Arts Department, 3 p.m.

3/2: Annie Jr: Stacy Middle School Performing Arts Department, 7 p.m.

3/15: Seussical: Milford High School Theatre Workshop, 7 p.m.

3/16: Seussical: Milford High School Theatre Workshop, 7 p.m.

3/17: Seussical: Milford High School Theatre Workshop, 2 p.m.

3/29: Good Friday-No School-School Offices Closed

DMH Behavioral Health Hotline

The Department of Mental Health has launched a new Behavioral Health Help Line that people can call or text at 833-773-2445. The helpline can help individuals and families navigate the behavioral health system and access treatment, including mobile crisis services. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in more than 200 languages. For more information, please see the FAQ. Anyone with questions or concerns about the helpline can email the helpline director at [email protected].


El Departamento de Salud Mental ha lanzado una nueva línea, Behavioral Health Help Line (Línea de Ayuda de Salud Mental) a la que se puede llamar o enviar un mensaje de texto al 833-773-2445. Está disponible 24 horas al día, siete días a la semana en más de 200 idiomas. La línea de ayuda puede ayudar a personas y familias a navegar por el sistema de salud del comportamiento y acceder a tratamiento, incluyendo servicios móviles de crisis. Para más información, consulte FAQ (preguntas frecuentes). Cualquier persona que tenga preguntas o dudas sobre la línea de ayuda puede enviar un correo electrónico al director de la línea de ayuda a [email protected].


O Departamento de Saúde Mental lançou uma nova Behavioral Health Helpline (Linha de Ajuda de Saúde Comportamental) em que as pessoas podem ligar ou enviar mensagens de texto para 833-773-2445. Ela está disponível 24 horas por dia, sete dias por semana, em mais de 200 idiomas. A linha de ajuda pode ajudar indivíduos e famílias a navegar o sistema de saúde comportamental e acessar tratamentos, incluindo o serviço de crise com atendimento pelo celular. Para mais informações, consulte o FAQ (perguntas frequentes). Qualquer pessoa com dúvidas ou perguntas sobre a linha de ajuda pode enviar um e-mail ao diretor da linha de ajuda em [email protected]

Milford High School

A select group of Milford High School students are in the midst of participating in a Spanish Exchange Program to Almeria, Spain. Students began their experience on February 16 and are scheduled to return on March 1. The students will be staying with Host Families and visiting the high school with their Host peers. Students were accompanied to Spain by Heidi McKinney and Lilia Vazquez, World Language Teachers.

Congratulations to Academic Decathlon for their excellent showing at the Regional Competition held the weekend of February 3. The team captured 16 medals and awards, plus the opportunity to move on to this year’s State Competition! Sasha Matovu (three 5th place awards), Elsie Sutherland (5th place award), Violet Tran (1 silver, 1 bronze, two 4th and two 5th place awards), Selina Zheng (2 Gold medals), Yu Xin Zheng (1 silver, 1 bronze, 4th and 5th place awards). Yu Xin Zheng also earned a 5th place overall place in all Regional events. Well done team and good luck with Nationals!

The Science Olympiad team for a strong finish at 1/30/24 Medway meet.

Congratulations to the following students:

1) Violet Tran and Maggy Zou for their 3rd place finish in Forestry

2) Catie Delaney and Julia Webster for a 2nd place finish in Scrambler

3) Elise Sutherland and Selina Zheng for a 3rd place finish in Fermi Questions

4) Eli DeBarros and Robbie King for a 2nd place finish inFermi Questions

5) Connor Brooks and Ben Maddock for a 1st place finish in Chemistry Lab

And a belated congratulations to Jason Comisky and Avi Mahanta for a 3rd place finish in Air Trajectory at the Milford meet in December. Great job, Science Olympians.

Stacy Middle School

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Caridad Lopez, Principal, Daniel Cote, Social Studies Teacher, and Alissa Holland, Instructional Coach, took center stage with other state colleagues as featured speakers during an Idea Exchange at a legislative briefing held at the State House. The SMS team seized the opportunity to showcase their impactful contributions to the Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment (MCIEA) and the Education Commonwealth Project (ECP). They discussed the innovative ways they are integrating high-quality alternatives to the MCAS into their curriculum, thereby offering a comprehensive approach to assessing students' learning outcomes and overall school quality.

Woodland Elementary School (WES)

Principal Kearnan is pleased to announce the fifth Council of the year nominated by their teachers for showing inclusivity.  These students are the glue of WES classrooms. They help to make others feel welcomed and part of the team. They look beyond differences and find the things that connect us. They see the value added by opening our hearts and minds to others.  The WES school community appreciates their inclusive mindset and how it makes Woodland a welcoming space.

Inclusivity Grade 3: Sophia Morais, Reese Macchi, Sadie Pinsonneault, Julianna Carpenter, Nickoletta Pirperis, Mirella De Faria, Amy Sarmiento, Davi Soares, Avalina Zacchilli, Lucas Goncalves, Peyton Proia, Antonio Allegrezza, Nathaly Dutan, Evelyn Carlin, Alicia Cordeiro, Declan MacAlpine

Inclusivity Grade 4: Maria Clara Costa, Sofia Gelmini, Emma Meacham, Luca Albanese, Emery Larson, Liam Cunningham, Ivanna Mulegyeki, Maribel Chuma Caguana, Rita Rizk, Bianca Moreira, Liam Martin, Jacson Clavijo Castro, Alicia Alvarenga, Savana Fonseca, Declan West, Maria Pio

Inclusivity Grade 5: Seth Karlin, Angelyn McLaughlin, Lais Teles, Jaden Williams, Amelia Merrill, Caleb Pierre Philippe, John Pesantez, Yedxier Soto Colon, Rafael Zocoli, Emanuel Nogueira, Davi Maia, Kaden Bendas, Livia Pereira, Jack Alulema Castro, Enzo Machado, Joseph Evirs, Alanna DeMoura

Memorial Elementary School (MES)

In the lively month of February, despite its short length, Memorial Elementary School embraced a whirlwind of learning and enjoyment. Students commemorated the 100th day of school, with both kindergarten and first-grade classes celebrating the milestone. Meanwhile, the second-grade students took the festivities a step further, marking the "101 Days of School" with an enchanting 101 Dalmatian-themed celebration.

Memorial Elementary School partnered with the new restaurant in town, Railtrail. Students in second grade wrote poems about love to be included in their heart shaped pizza promotion for the month. 

Memorial will host a Family Reading Night, "Leap Into Reading" at the end of February.  Community volunteers and staff members will read stories to families and then families will share milk and cookies at the end of the evening. 

PTO Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm unless otherwise posted.

Brookside Elementary School (BES)

Brookside held a Make and Take Crafting Fair on Saturday, Jan 27. Over 150 families attended the event. Students connected with peers and their families, and had the opportunity to make new friends. Brookside Elementary School wishes to thank all of the families that were able to attend for making the evening a memorable one.

Brookside Elementary School’s first and second-grade students marked the 100th Day of School by engaging in a variety of activities centered around the number 100. The celebration included a 100-word challenge, incorporating 10 nouns, 10 verbs, 10 colors, 10 math words, 10 adjectives, 10 proper nouns, 10 words starting with 's,' 10 science words, 10 classroom-related words, and 10 personal favorite words. Additionally, the students participated in a "If I had 100 dollars" writing activity, tackled 100 math facts involving addition and subtraction within 20, explored their aspirations with a "Before I turn 100 I want to" writing prompt, and crafted a special 100th day of school poem. The day was filled with creative and educational endeavors to commemorate the 100th day milestone.

PTO meeting is the first Tuesday of each month starting at 7 p.m. 

Shining Star Early Childhood Center (SSECC)

At Shining Star Early Childhood Center (SSECC), the days of February 1 and 2 were marked by a special initiative as high school students, dedicated to dental awareness, visited the center. This collaborative effort aimed to instill good oral care habits from an early age. 

Looking ahead, SSECC has exciting plans for a family engagement night scheduled for March 13, titled "Popcorn and Pajamas." This event promises a welcoming atmosphere as families come together, to enjoy popcorn and engage in various activities, fostering a sense of community within the SSECC school community.

PTO Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted.

Milford Family & Community Network CFCE (MFCN CFCE):

The Family Fun & Disabilities Awareness Fair is seeking exhibitors for the 26th Annual Family Fun & Disabilities Awareness Fair which will take place on Saturday, March 2, from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. in the Milford High School Cafeteria. If your business, agency or program serves families from the prenatal stage through adolescence. Tables are free, but space is limited. For more information on this resource fair, please call 508-277-4981, or email: [email protected] by Feb. 12.

Information on the MFCN CFCE Playgroups: All playgroups are FREE and intended for children from birth to 5 years old with their parent/caregiver(s), unless otherwise specified. For more information on MFCN CFCE programs, visit, email [email protected] or call 508-277-4981. You can also find and follow MFCN CFCE on Facebook at "Milford Family & Community Network CFCE".